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Everything we do is about harnessing AI’s magic to craft micro messages that propel brands into unparalleled connections with consumers, reimagining the agency business for an era of limitless possibilities.


Corporate products:


SYNTHPanels™: A tool for message testing using synthetic respondents, informed by human insights and enhanced by AI capabilities, ensuring that the micro-messages are optimized for impact.

MindRoute - AI

MINDRoute™: Designed for large corporations, this AI-driven product facilitates micro-messaging creation, enabling precise and effective communication, tailored to individual client segments.

Small business products:

BrandMap AI

BRANDMap™: Recognizing that many small businesses lack a strategic vision for their future, BRANDMap™ was born.  This interview-based product crafts a comprehensive roadmap that guides businesses from their current state to their desired future.

BrandCraft AI

BRANDCraft™: As a follow up to the BRANDMap™, this product prescribes and executes specific tactics that a brand needs to employ, ensuring a clear and actionable path towards realizing their envisioned future.


We’re journey centric

Our product based approach delivers an avant-garde blend of technical prowess and deep brand understanding.

Our innovative approach is evident in our use of AI for enhancing traditional advertising practices, yet eliminating the need for endless billable hours.  Our comprehensive tools cater to both large corporations and small businesses.

Our product offerings, from SYNTHPanels™ to BRANDMaps™, reveal a journey-centric approach to branding, emphasizing both the roadmap and the means to traverse it.



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