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Smaller healthcare companies can’t always afford or succeed within the high-cost agency model. Now there’s a more efficient alternative.
The 1.11 Group provides tailored, strategic guidance for the rare disease, biopharma, and healthcare sectors. Our specialists assess your product’s current position and future goals, providing an actionable strategy map for realizing your brand’s greatest potential.  
With 30 years of healthcare and pharma experience and AI-enhanced expertise, we deliver solutions in less time, with greater affordability, so you can get medicines to patients sooner.
You’ll get concise, easy-to-implement tools to achieve your goals, without large agency overhead, endless billable hours or perpetual revisions.
We’ve all seen Zoom meetings with 30 people in a room.  The 1.11 Group doesn’t tolerate waste, and neither should you. Our ultimate goal is to get you to market sooner, more efficiently, and without the usual soul-sucking elements we’ve all come to expect from the advertising business.



The 1.11 Group can map your brand journey in two strategic ways:

The BrandMap™ or BRANDGap™:


Step 1: The Fit Call
We’ll jump on a 15 minute call to see if we are a good fit for each other.  We’ll talk about your company, your goals and determine if we are the right company to help you achieve your business and marketing goals.  Questions will be asked and if we both want to move forward, the next step is to schedule the creation of your company BRANDMap™.

How about we set up a call?  It’s kind of like speed dating without the weirdness.  Click on the calendar link here:  FIT CALL and we’ll get you scheduled in a jiffy!


Step 2: The BRANDMap™ or BRANDGapprocess: 
Our map helps you get from where you are NOW to where you want to BE. In this 90 minute structured interview, we will determine where your company/brand is NOW and where you want to GO…we’ll map out the best way to get there.  Next, we’ll provide you with your custom BRANDMap brief, which will show you your:

  • WHY – your secret sauce that differentiates your brand from the rest
  • Clear outline of what you need to reach your goals
  • Next step packages designed to drive action

The BRANDGap looks at the brand plan and other strategic documents, then sees where the potential holes are that could cost time/money and makes strategic and tactical recommendations.

Take our recommendations and use your BRANDMap  or BRANDGap to implement everything yourself with confidence or hire us to do it for you. The cost of the BRANDMap or BRANDGap will be applied toward your BRANDKit™. 


BrandCraft AI

Build Out Your BRANDKit™:

Depending on where you are in your business and the goals you are trying to achieve, we will put together the right package to help you get to where you want to GO!

Deliverables can include, but are not limited to:

  • Your WHY
  • Logo
  • Branding elements
  • Messaging creation
  • Message testing with synthetic respondents
  • Custom synthetic respondent research panel creation
  • Website
  • Pitch deck
  • Business card design
  • One sheet/sales sheet
  • Postcards
  • Print/digital ads
  • Social media guide

    For pharma/biopharma and those companies focused on rare disease, we determine tactics based on product phase, from pre-clinical – post launch, ensuring that tactics for healthcare professionals, consumers and caregivers are provided.



We’re journey centric

Our product based approach delivers an avant-garde blend of technical prowess and deep brand understanding.

Our innovative approach is evident in our use of AI for enhancing traditional advertising practices, yet eliminating the need for endless billable hours.  Our comprehensive tools cater to both large corporations and small businesses.

Our product offerings, from BRANDMaps™ and BRANDGaps™ to BRANDKits™, reveal a journey-centric approach to branding, emphasizing both the roadmap and the means to traverse it.



We conducted the BRANDMap™ interview, from which we recommended revamping their WHY, renaming the practice, and creating a new logo and website.


Omics Lab Solutions

We conducted the BRANDMap™ interview, delivered the brief, which recommended a new logo, creating Lead and Core Products, messaging, business cards and a new website.


Aegis Logo

We conducted the BRANDMap™ interview, delivered the brief, which recommended naming the company, creating a logo, and business cards, just to launch the new company.


About 1.11

We are operating with a new agency model – no billable hours and no more endless revisions.  Both cost too much money and time and it is soul sucking for the agency team and the client – so no more.

Our model starts with a BRANDMap™ or a BRANDGap™ analysis, so we can understand on a deep level where the brand is NOW and most importantly, where you want the brand to GO and we craft the map to get there, or identify the holes that may cost time and money. We will recommend the tactics to get your brand where you want it to be and execute them without endless revisions – good for us, good for you.

Our agency works with small and medium healthcare-focused companies, biopharmaceutical and especially those focused in rare diseases.

We help our clients find their WHY, their true North, their purpose. We do this by understanding their unique offering, their customer, where they are now, where they want to go, and find the unique path to get them there. We provide the message, the medium, and the means to deliver their offering to the very people who can benefit from their brand.


Each member of our management team is an integral part of every piece of work for our clients, with each of us working to our strengths. Our differing expertise and unique views allow us to provide a new way of thinking to our projects and helps us find that path not previously seen by our clients. In everything we do, we want our clients to be happy with measurable and successful results.

We have 30 years of experience, working together in our areas of specialty: small and medium healthcare-focused companies, biopharmaceutical and especially those focused in rare diseases.




Doug is in a class by himself, truly. The man can land new clients, keep existing clients joyously happy, has a gorgeous design aesthetic, programs, and has a strategic mind. His taste in music is sometimes questionable – who listens to stuff from the ’40’s for god’s sake?  But he can actually wear a hat well.



Janet can give an impassioned speech and is a TEDx veteran.  She really loves to pitch and can actually bust out damn good copy, even for complicated rare diseases. Storytelling and ideation (especially with strong coffee) are probably her favorite pastimes and she can out curse and throw a punch better than your sailor grandfather.



John helps keep us all sane. He is a calm guy who can handle operations and keep things running smoothly. He loves craft beers, especially double IPAs and is a monster on a bicycle, taking on a 21% grade climb with gusto. Most importantly, he keeps our paychecks coming and ensures balanced books.


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