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Founded in 2003 by Steve Hersh and Jeannette Luoh, GuS was what the founders and their friends were looking for in a beverage; something not so sweet like everything else out there. But not so dull and lifeless like flavored seltzers and waters. Or artificial, like diet drinks.

Now that tradition continues with GuS sodas. They’re distinctive sodas made with real juice and real flavor extracts, in refreshing flavor varieties. They’re pasteurized and kosher, with no caffeine. And they’re lightly sweetened with cane sugar, with only 90 – 98 calories in each 12oz. bottle.

GuS – Grown-up Soda® is a product of Utmost Brands, Inc. based in New York City.


Distinguishing the brand in a rapidly proliferating category, along with distribution challenges add up for a small company.  Getting premium shelf space in a crowded category requires crafting an eye-catching lo0k to go along with great flavors!


    1. Revamped Branding

    If a brand in a crowded category doesn’t stand out to distributors and consumers, they may as well not exist.  We completely refreshed the brand look and feel, while crafting a distinct look for the product line…one guaranteed to grab attention.  We also crafted the branding for the line of mixers – we even got to taste test the new formulations and got free samples!

    2. Re-design Website Pages

    Next, we designed the website pages based on our SEO research findings and experience in the industry. Since the website is the brand anchor, we made sure to carry the brand personality throughout the site.  Of course, we have a great story to tell and the brand look really jumps off the pages.

    3. Convention and Collateral Materials

    The GuS team does a lot on the convention front. Getting in front of key decision-makers and distributors can make/break a brand.  We created the convention booth panels, handouts, one-sheets…everything the team uses to promote the brand.  Ensuring message and brand consistency is everything. 

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