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Senior Healthcare Marketing

The Target 


The New Jewish Home (TNJH) is a non-profit health care system for seniors in New York. Their two main campuses are in Westchester and on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in addition to their 3 facilities in the Bronx. The New Jewish Home averages $100+ million in revenue per year and has been our client for over 10 years.


The Home Care service line, which provides seniors with support from a nurse or a home health aide in their own home, needed to generate more customers.


1. Research

First, we asked ourselves what search terms our potential customers are searching for online in the NYC area. We narrowed the search terms by their projected traffic on Google. We also researched the competition, particularly what advertising methods and what type of language the competition was using.

2. Re-design website pages

Next, we designed the website pages based on our SEO research findings and experience in the industry. We built pages for everything TNJH’s customers were looking for on Google. We replaced all of the B2B language, or “industry speak”, with consumer-facing, B2C language. We focused on making the Call To Actions more prominent and direct, like changing language from “Contact us” to “Interested in?”. 

3. Email Review Campaign

Reviews on Google My Business are one of the most critical ways your business can gain credibility and visibility online. In this light, we launched an email campaign for The New Jewish Home that was sent out to all existing Home Care customers. The emails, being A/B tested on three separate components, strategically asked for feedback on services. If customers were not satisfied, they were directed to an internal form submission. If they were satisfied, then they would be directed to the Google My Business page to leave a review.

4. Advertising

Finally, to support all of the organic work we had completed, we needed to advertise our rebranded B2C Home Care services to potential customers. For TNJH, it is extremely important to calculate return on investment: how much money did the campaign cost and how much did it bring in? With this in mind, we recommended ditigal advertising, because it is the most trackable, and designed 6 separate digital campaigns that ran on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Digital Banners. 

Senior Healthcare Marketing
Senior Healthcare Marketing
…Mom holding our daughter.

…Sharing stories with my dad.

…Helping grandma in her kitchen.


– Increased organic traffic to Home Care pages by 175%

– 300% increase in reviews for Home Care

By doing SEO research before designing the website, we were able to build the SEO from the ground up, with keywords and h2s already chosen before design, ultimately increasing the pages’ visibility for potential customers searching online.

– 50% increase in leads

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