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Digital Advertising

Why Digital Advertising?

With digital advertising, you can respond to the always-changing business environment. Unexpected changes happen every day, and with digital advertising, you can address these changes and capitalize on them. Digital advertising is also targeted, determining an audience and then reaching them.

Who Needs Digital Advertising?

Everyone who has a product or service and wants to drive traffic to their organization with an audience in mind needs digital advertising. These ads can be placed on your social media pages, in order to increase engagement & bring clicks to your website, or run with Google Ads with Search Engine Marketing tactics to gain customers.

Why 1/11?

We create beautiful, engaging, eye-catching digital advertisements. We keep an eye on current design trends, always keeping the audience and strengths of the organization in mind. Our ads push the envelope with edgy design and sometimes provocative messages intended to grab the attention of your audience. In order to create amazing ads, however, it’s necessary to understand the brand and the audience. We work with you to understand exactly what’s special about your brand, and exactly what your audience is looking for. Then, we integrate that into creating digital advertising campaigns.

Our Plan


Defining Your Goals, Message & Audience

Who do you want to reach? Why? What do you want the outcome to be?


Design Preliminary Set of Digital Advertisements

We take the information you’ve given us and run with it, coming up with clever, creative ideas and designs to convey the desired message to the desired audience.


Back to You for the Approval Process

Your turn! Let us know what you think.


Deliver the Final Set of Digital Advertisements

Once approved, we make the finishing touches on the digital advertisements, and start posting on social media, websites, and other marketing methods.



As part of the Northwest Connecticut Public Schools ‘Find Your Place’ social media campaign, we designed digital advertisements with an audience in mind to achieve our client’s goals. 

Let’s start something new.

Ready to bring in a crazy amount of new customers with thought-provoking, beautiful digital ads? Connect with us.

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