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Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Amidst everything else out there Email Marketing remains one of the most direct forms of marketing. Very few other tactics hand deliver your message directly to potential customers. Email marketing also gives your business the ability to reach almost anyone. If you browse the internet, chances are you have an email, so that means the reach of email marketing is practically limitless.
At the end of the day email marketing is a link in the chain of turning a potential customer into a loyal customer and even one weak link can muddy up the whole process.

Who Needs Email Marketing?

From not-for-profits seeking donors to brands expanding their reach, anyone who is trying to engage with potential customers or even loyal customers needs email marketing. We all know instagram algorithms are a finicky thing so how do you guarantee your customer base has heard your latest news? Email marketing is a sure fire way to directly engage with ALL your customers without leaving anyone out.
Plus it spans the generations, your grandma may be hip and active on social media but I guarantee you, mines not. Email marketing makes it simple to reach customers of all ages.

Why 1/11?

Now you’re probably thinking about all the emails in your spam folder. If you are going to put effort into email marketing you don’t want your message to end up there, right? Thats where we come in. You see, effective email marketing isn’t about who has the longest list of email but rather the most productive. We are here to help you craft a message that people want to hear, and get that message into the inbox of potential customers and solid leads.

Our Plan


Evaluate Your Current Standing and Clientele

We will gather a baseline report of what your past email marketing has been and its effect. We will also begin to understand your target audience in order to find ways to better reach them.



We will develop strategies to collect productive email leads in order to create efficient and effective email lists. We will also begin to craft the overview and structure of your campaign, will you have multiple specific email list, or a board overarching approach? How often and when will we send out our emails? With our understanding of your desired market we will begin to craft these strategies.


Your Message

What exactly do we want to say? We will create effective messaging and design for your email campaign in order to make sure we reach as many potential customers as possible.


Let It Fly

Armed with a carefully curated list of emails, a backlog ready to go messages and a strategic email marketing calendar we will begin our campaign at once! From here we will keep a close eye on our campaign analytics and may even tweak or change the campaign to optimize the results!


Senior Care

Learn how Email Marketing boosted this business online presence.

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