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The Target 


Salisbury Bank & Trust Wealth Advisory Services serves the communities of NW Connecticut and proximate communities in New York and Massachusetts since 1848.  The Wealth Advisory group holds over $1 Billion in assets under administration for Personal Trusts, Custody Accounts, Estate Accounts, and Charitable Accounts.


Getting the word out to wealthy families in the 3 states they serve, along with newly relocated families from NYC, while competing with larger, well-known wealth advisory companies is the main challenge.


Strategy for Awareness

1. Research

First, we asked ourselves what search terms our potential customers are searching for online in the NYC area. We narrowed the search terms by their projected traffic on Google. We also researched the competition, particularly what advertising methods and what language the competition was using.

2. Create website pages

Next, we designed the landing pages for the campaign based on our research findings and experience in the industry.  In a highly regulated industry, you have a lot of rules to play by, but that did not stand in the way of differentiating this brand.  They have a load of talent, who have all come from the big players in the world of banking – all here to personally help clients manage their wealth.  A brand story like that lends itself to really rich creative, which allowed us to capture and communicate the spirit of the brand.

3. Advertising – Print and Digital

We started with a teaser campaign, to engage potential customers.  The new campaign was rendered across social media, print and via digital banners.  Google ad campaign was also launched.  This whole effort started because we kept seeing print ads that didn’t make any sense (to us), so we contacted the bank and well, the rest is history.  

Senior Healthcare Marketing

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