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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why SEO?

Ensuring your business is found by potential customers online is critical in today’s marketplace because everyone makes their business decisions online. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your business findable online.

Who Needs SEO?

Every business needs to be found by customers online. Whether you own a snorkle equipment stand or you are an engineering company who only sells to large scale hospital systems, all businesses want their potential customers to find them online.

Why 1/11?

Managing SEO is not easy. It is technically complex and constantly changing as Google frequently updates their search engine and search algorithm.

We pay for our employees to take SEO classes in order to stay on top of the complex SEO environment. As an agency, we subscribe to SEO platforms like Moz Pro and Yoast Premium, all of which have valuable features that will be available to you as our client.

Our Plan


Baseline SEO Report

Where does your business currently stand in terms of SEO? Our baseline SEO report will tell you exactly that.


SEO Strategy

We will devise a strategy to improve your company’s SEO. There are many ingredients that could be addressed such as content, keywords, backlinks, meta descriptions, internal linking, website structure, page speed, Google My Business and much more.



Time to get your company to the top of the search page. We will execute all of the items in your SEO strategy and, as Google’s search engine changes, we promise to revise our tactics to keep your company on top of the search results.


Senior Care

No matter the size or structure, every business can benefit from SEO

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