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Why Print Ads?

Tried and true, when you think of marketing print ads come to mind. It may seem dated but a well placed print ad can do wonders for your brand or business. Print ads allow you to relay your brand in a space that potential customers can truly absorb your message. Limited distractions and an attentive audience is what print ads promise to offer.

Who Needs Print Ads?

Print ads work wonders for those who know their audience. If your potential customers find comfort in the pages of a particular publication then print ads may just be your place.

Why 1/11?

Print ads can be finicky. If you can’t clearly identify your potential customers then print ads may become a flop. This is were we come in. From finding the perfected publication to target your potential customers, to drafting a message and eye catching art to capture readers, we can do it all.

Our Plan


Identify Your Target Audience

We will identify the potential customers that you want to reach and find the magazines or newspapers that they frequent.


Draft a Message

With a clear audience in mind we will craft a message that captures their attention and draws them into discovering the wonders of your brand or business.


The Perfect Picture

What’s a message without a picture? If our headline didn’t catch them our art will do the trick. We will pair our message picture or graphic that truly captures the essence of your brand or business


To The Printers!

 We will coordinate ad buys in each publication we choose making sure to find the most opportune moments to launch, whether you have a one time Print ad or a year long campaign, we have it all covered.


Hospital Marketing and Advertising


Sometimes you have to dive headfirst into Print Ads, which is exactly what we did for Sharon Hospital.

Let’s start something new.

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