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Omics Lab Solutions

This company is a start-up, begun by an expert in operational efficiency and effectiveness of clinical laboratories, having headed up laboratory operations in her career. She had a website, but no branding. We conducted the BRANDMap™ interview, delivered the brief, which recommended a new logo, creating Lead and Core Products, messaging, business cards and a new website.

Omics Labs Website Design and Build
Omics Labs Logo Design and Branding

“I’m absolutely delighted with the services provided by The 1.11 Group. Janet’s extensive background in pharma, particularly in rare diseases, gave her a unique understanding of my perspective and audience. Her skill in translating my vision into a cohesive brand through the BrandMap was instrumental in solidifying my brand. This resulted in an eye-catching logo that has received numerous compliments. Additionally, they developed a website that I am immensely proud of and created collateral that significantly enhances my sales. I’m incredibly proud to showcase my company with these outstanding assets!”

— Sara Beckloff, PhD, CEO, Omics Lab Solutions

Omics Labs One Sheet Design
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