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Social Media

Why Social media?

Social media can help you connect with your customers, boost leads and sales. With over 3 billion people using social media, you’re losing business if you’re not on it. Social media keeps your customers in the loop and allows your organization to stay top of mind in audiences that wouldn’t typically be reached by traditional advertising, further building your brand.

Who Needs social media?

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness or generate more volume, social media is a must. Strategic social media marketing campaigns get real results. Social media platforms also generate analytics and data to further understand your target audience. Besides, all the cool kids are on it!

Why 1/11?

We create beautiful digital advertisements to run as social media ad campaigns strategically designed to catch the attention of the desired audience and drive traffic to your website. Our campaigns are implemented with the objective of bringing customers to your website, filling out a contact form, or giving you a call. 

Offering a fresh perspective on potential audiences and ways to reach them best through strategic social media posts with a specific marketing goal to accomplish, our posts and ideas are visually appealing, guaranteed to drive traffic and increase conversions through clicks. 

Our Plan

We know social media, and you know your customers. Together, we’ll design marketing campaigns to promote your brand and achieve your goals.


Defining Your Marketing Goals & Objectives 

What do you want to achieve through social media? No goal is unattainable for us.


Selecting Your Target Audience 

Who do you want to reach? What are they like? What do they value? What do they need? What will you give them? 


Putting Together a Content Strategy

Working closely in accordance to your goals, we use insights to recommend strategic content that will reach your audience and design an ad campaign to satisfy your goals.  


Executing The Campaign

It’s go time. Social media posts are scheduled, ads are ready to run, everything set according to the strategic plan in place. We then collect and analyze data produced, and adjust accordingly. Get ready for new business!


Craft Products

We love sampling the GuS products almost as much as we love helping our clients share their brand with the world through social media.

Let’s start something new.

Ready to step up your social media game? #connectwithus.

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